Saturday, February 28, 2009


February 27, 2009. Day Fifty-eight. Friday. Our son brought my wife and I to our favorite Sushi restaurant, which is in Benicia. After a Titanic, California roll, and crunchy crab, and some green tea ice cream, I gave a tract to the waitress.

Opposite Court

February 26, 2009. Day Fifty-seven. Thursday. I gave a tract to a neighbor on the furthest side of the opposite court from us in our neighborhood.


February 25, 2009. Day Fifty-six. Wednesday. I took our teens and others out door-to-door again. My wife went out with another lady in the church. I had Griselda and Kim with me. We went to about 10-15 doors and had conversations with two people. We talked awhile with the administrative pastor at a new-evangelical church in town. He gave me his testimony about being saved when he was fourteen at a GARBC church. We did talk about a couple of controversial subjects, but he had to go to supper. Later we talked to Jimmy, who was from Reno, but here living with a friend. He looked like he had a tough life so far, about early thirties. He came out of the house and we talked near his car, because he didn't think his friend would be happy about his talking to us. He had a difficult time admitting he wasn't good and that he deserved hell. His attention started to wane, so we left him a tract. He must strive to enter into the narrow gate.

Four Things

February 24, 2009. Day Fifty-five. Tuesday. I gave extra time after family devotions going through the gospel again with my eight year old daughter. She knows what we call the "four things you need to know." I'm going over the details and emphasizing the importance of salvation.


February 23, 2009. Day Fifty-four. Monday. I went to pick a book at the library I had on hold. I held the door open on the way out for a Chinese woman. I gave her a tract. She smiled and said, "Thank you."

Country Run

February 22, 2009. Day Fifty-Three. Sunday. After being at church most of the day, in the evening after church I gave a tract to someone who lives in our neighborhood at Country Run.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Board Member

February 21, 2009. Day Fifty-two. Saturday. I had a very interesting talk about salvation and eternal life with a board member before our board meeting on Saturday with Berkeley Youth Orchestra. The death of a family member came up, which led to talk about the death of a child. I began talking about H. G. Spafford and It Is Well with My Soul.

Best Buy

February 20, 2009. Day Fifty-One. Friday. I gave a tract to a Best Buy employee while I was there looking at a computer.

Down the Street

February 19, 2009. Day Fifty. Thursday. I gave a tract to a neighbor down the street from me.

Two Women

February 18, 2009. Day Forty-nine. Wednesday. I drove the van for door-to-door on Wednesday. I talked to two women. Jahna and Cynthia. I had two teen girls with me, Alanna and Kim. Jahna was a former Jehovah's Witness who was married to a Muslim. Cynthia was a former Pentecostal, now being confirmed as a Catholic. I had fairly long and interesting conversations with both of them. They didn't have time for the conversation to be complete, but I'd like to tell you how those conversations went.

Kitty Corner

February 17, 2009. Day Forty-eight. Tuesday. I gave a tract to a neighbor, a lady, that lives on the opposite corner from us.

Eight Houses Down

February 16, 2009. Day Forty-Seven. Monday. I gave a tract to a neighbor about eight houses down.

One Block Down

February 15, 2009. Day Forty-Six. Sunday. I gave a tract to a neighbor a block away, stopping on the way home from church. We had an afternoon service.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sikh Man

February 14, 2009. Day Forty-Five. Saturday. I'm going to write more on this tomorrow or the next day, but I went door-to-door with my wife and we made it to one door. We talked to Raavi, a twenty-two year old Sikh, Punjab Indian-American young man. I'll give you the low-down on this soon.

Check Out

February 13, 2009. Day Forty-Four. Friday. I went to the grocery store for an errand and I gave a tract to the check-out.

Not What I Wanted

February 12, 2009. Day Forty-three. Thursday. I would call this my worst time of the year. I did talk about the gospel to two men that I'm not sure believe a true gospel, that would both profess to be saved. However, for talking to them, I didn't go as far as I would have wanted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

USA Station

February 11, 2009. Day Forty-Two. Wednesday. We had a rainstorm come in and we called off teen door-to-door. I got caught talking awhile after church too, but stopping on the way home for gas, I gave a tract to the lady in the USA gas station window.

New Neighbors

February 10, 2009. Day Forty-One. Tuesday. We have some new neighbors about 7 houses over. I gave them a tract.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


February 9, 2009. Day Forty. Monday. I gave a tract to an elderly Chinese couple that lives nearby.

Monday, February 9, 2009


February 8, 2009. Day Thirty-Nine. Sunday. I briefly challenged someone with the gospel at a reception after an afternoon concert my kids played in.

Hispanic Lady

February 7, 2009. Day Thirty-Eight. Saturday. I gave a tract to a hispanic lady at a restaurant.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


February 6, 2009. Day Thirty-Seven. Friday. I have one child who hasn't professed faith in Christ, so I talked to her about salvation in particular---my daughter Gabi.


February 5, 2009. Day Thirty-Six. Thursday. We had Jenisha and Jason over on Thursday for Supper and a time in God's Word. We answered questions and talked about salvation, preaching the gospel. He wasn't ready to receive it, but it was an important time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


February 4, 2009. Day Thirty-Five. Wednesday. I was with three of our teenage girls---Kim, Joyce, and Clarissa---and we visited about 15 homes. We talked to three people. We spent an hour with David, who was not saved. He had a philosophy of having a good "journey," not so concerned about the end. He respected the Bible, he said. He believed in God. But He did not take the Bible as an authority. I went to quite a few verses and he was under conviction, but I ran out of time.

Third on the Right

February 3, 2009. Day Thirty-Four. Tuesday. If you are a regular reader here, you might be getting tired of reading that I handed out a tract. I don't blame you. I'm sure that I'm going to be reporting of more talking to people as more time opens up. I know I'll be talking to people tonight. We're having supper with Jenisha and Jason on Thursday night. She made a profession of faith in January going door to door.

Last night I gave a tract to our neighbor across the court from us, third house on the right.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Doors Down

February 2, 2009. Day Three-Three. Monday. I gave a tract to a neighbor two doors down on my way walking back from the library. The library is just up the hill from us.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Drive Through

February 1, 2009. Day Thirty-two. Sunday. I went through a drive through in the afternoon and I smiled and gave a tract to the lady that took my money.

Jenisha was in church today. We will start a Bible study with her this week.