Wednesday, February 4, 2009


February 4, 2009. Day Thirty-Five. Wednesday. I was with three of our teenage girls---Kim, Joyce, and Clarissa---and we visited about 15 homes. We talked to three people. We spent an hour with David, who was not saved. He had a philosophy of having a good "journey," not so concerned about the end. He respected the Bible, he said. He believed in God. But He did not take the Bible as an authority. I went to quite a few verses and he was under conviction, but I ran out of time.


  1. We talked to a man named Carl who was pretty apathetic towards God and the Bible. We showed him the evidence of Scripture. It wasn't a matter of evidence but of his will.

    How is Jenisha, by the way?

  2. Most of the people I talked to were either not interested or too busy. But to some of the busy people, I will go back.