Saturday, February 28, 2009


February 25, 2009. Day Fifty-six. Wednesday. I took our teens and others out door-to-door again. My wife went out with another lady in the church. I had Griselda and Kim with me. We went to about 10-15 doors and had conversations with two people. We talked awhile with the administrative pastor at a new-evangelical church in town. He gave me his testimony about being saved when he was fourteen at a GARBC church. We did talk about a couple of controversial subjects, but he had to go to supper. Later we talked to Jimmy, who was from Reno, but here living with a friend. He looked like he had a tough life so far, about early thirties. He came out of the house and we talked near his car, because he didn't think his friend would be happy about his talking to us. He had a difficult time admitting he wasn't good and that he deserved hell. His attention started to wane, so we left him a tract. He must strive to enter into the narrow gate.

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  1. Mr. Crockwell was with me in evangelism. We had a chance to talk to four boys about the gospel. They were playing outside, but they wanted to hear what we had to say. One was Hindu. Another had a religious brother. The other two were neutral.