Monday, March 23, 2009

Jack in the Box

March 22, 2009. Day Eighty-one. Sunday. I talked to a lady at Jack-in-the-Box and gave her tract.

Cross Court

March 21, 2009. Day Eighty. Saturday. I gave a tract to a neighbor in the court across from ours.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Dentist

March 20, 2009. Day Seventy-nine. Friday. I had a dentist appointment. I talked to both the lady that cleaned my teeth and then the dentist about the Lord. The lady was Filipino, but she lived in Guam until 1997 and her children went to school at Harvest Baptist school. She was still Catholic but was interested in the Bible. I left her a tract and brochure. The dentist grew up in Hong Kong. He's Chinese. He doesn't know English real well. He said he was Buddhist because of his parents, but he's not that into Buddhism. He had read a little of the Bible because of a friend. I told him what was different about the Bible and Jesus versus Buddhism. I left him a tract and brochure.

Grocery Parking

March 19, 2009. Day Seventy-eight. Thursday. I was in the parking lot of the grocery store with my son and I got into a conversation with the man parked right next to me. We talked about his eternity and I left him with a tract.


March 18, 2009. Day Seventy-six. Wednesday. I drove the van for evangelism. We went to a neighborhood in El Sobrante. I had Alanna and my daughter Julia with me. We talked to a man from Iran who was in the Baha'i religion. He didn't say much about what he believed, but as he worked on his car battery, he told us a fascinating story of how he was a prisoner in Iran for two years and then escaped across the desert with other Bahai on camels. The Bahai have a feast every 19 days at his home. I asked him what the significance of 19 was, but he didn't have an answer for that---it's just important.

We also talked to a Buddhist man and another Buddhist woman.

Post Office

March 17, 2009. Day Seventy-six. Tuesday. I was delivering some things at the post office and gave a tract to a man in the parking lot.

Walking Home

March 16, 2009. Day Seventy-five. Monday. We live walking distance to the library. I gave a tract to someone as I walked home.


March 15, 2009. Day Seventy-four. Sunday. This is one of those days that I'm counting the preaching at church as evangelism. I did preach the gospel there. I like to have something personal too, but today this was it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Preach School Program

March 13, 2009. Day Seventy-two. Friday. We had our academic and fine arts meet. We have the 7-12 concert then on Friday night. I preached a gospel message, coming from 1 John 5:13.

Music Man

March 12, 2009. Day Seventy-one. Thursday. I took my son to rehearse with a world-class pianist who directs a world-class classical group. We had a great conversation and he gave us some material from his group and I gave him a tract and brochure from our church.
March 11, 2009. Day Seventy. Wednesday. I drove the van for door-to-door. I had Kim and Griselda with me. We went to twenty-four doors, because a lot of people weren't home. We did talk to one Roman Catholic lady who say she wasn't sure what would happen when she died. She was busy, but took the tract.

from the library

March 10, 2009. Day Sixty-Nine. Tuesday. On the way walking back from the library, I gave a tract to someone in our neighborhood, a few courts down from where we live.


March 9, 2009. Sixty-eight. Monday. I gave a tract to a store clerk.


March 8, 2009. Day Sixty-seven. Sunday. On the way home from church, I stopped at a gas station. The man pumping gas across from me was Muslim. I asked him if he practiced faithfully, that is, whether he prayed five times a day. He said, "no." He was from Pakistan. I gave him a tract.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


March 7, 2009. Day Sixty-six. Saturday. My wife and I went by to visit Jenisha and Jason, who were not home. Then we went to a few doors in San Pablo. We gave the entire plan of salvation to Louisa. She was a Catholic from San Salvador. She listened. And she really understood it, but she was not willing to relinquish her will and way to receive Christ. Pray for her conviction. We spend a long and thorough amount of time preaching to her.

School Boys

March 6, 2009. Day Sixty-five. Friday. We have young people in our school who aren't yet saved. I preached about the saving gospel in chapel, but I talked to a group of jr. high boys about their salvation.


March 5, 2009. Day Sixty-four. Thursday. I gave a tract to an elderly lady with a big cat.

Angie and Veronica

March 4, 2009. Day Sixty-three. Wednesday. I drove the van for door-to-door with teens. I was with my daughter and Clarissa. We went to several doors in El Sobrante and talked to two ladies. Both were Catholics. We talked to Angie for 15 minutes and Veronica for 25. We left tracts.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Piano Teacher

March 3, 2009. Day Sixty-two. Tuesday. I gave a tract to my children's piano teacher.

Post Office

March 2, 2009. Day Sixty-one. Monday. I gave a tract to the post office lady while mailing a package.

Teen Girl

March 1, 2009. Day Sixty. Sunday. I spoke with an unconverted young teenage girl about the condition of her soul. We didn't talk long but the goal was toward her conversion.