Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Dentist

March 20, 2009. Day Seventy-nine. Friday. I had a dentist appointment. I talked to both the lady that cleaned my teeth and then the dentist about the Lord. The lady was Filipino, but she lived in Guam until 1997 and her children went to school at Harvest Baptist school. She was still Catholic but was interested in the Bible. I left her a tract and brochure. The dentist grew up in Hong Kong. He's Chinese. He doesn't know English real well. He said he was Buddhist because of his parents, but he's not that into Buddhism. He had read a little of the Bible because of a friend. I told him what was different about the Bible and Jesus versus Buddhism. I left him a tract and brochure.

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  1. I visited Ashneil, the Hindu kid, who is interested in Jesus. He actually wants to put his trust in Jesus. But I told him that if he will trust Christ, he must reject Hinduism and all of his family tradition. I think he understands. I will be talking with him more.