Saturday, March 7, 2009


March 7, 2009. Day Sixty-six. Saturday. My wife and I went by to visit Jenisha and Jason, who were not home. Then we went to a few doors in San Pablo. We gave the entire plan of salvation to Louisa. She was a Catholic from San Salvador. She listened. And she really understood it, but she was not willing to relinquish her will and way to receive Christ. Pray for her conviction. We spend a long and thorough amount of time preaching to her.

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  1. Mr. Huppert and I went out door to door in El Sobrante. One of the people we talked to was Eric, who goes to Hilltop Community Church. He was saved in 1984 in a different church. I think that he might be saved. I talked to him about worship. He agreed and said that he senses conviction about the worship done at Hilltop. Rightfully he should. He even stopped being in the choir. I am hoping to talk to him again to see where he stands and what he is going to do.