Saturday, March 21, 2009


March 18, 2009. Day Seventy-six. Wednesday. I drove the van for evangelism. We went to a neighborhood in El Sobrante. I had Alanna and my daughter Julia with me. We talked to a man from Iran who was in the Baha'i religion. He didn't say much about what he believed, but as he worked on his car battery, he told us a fascinating story of how he was a prisoner in Iran for two years and then escaped across the desert with other Bahai on camels. The Bahai have a feast every 19 days at his home. I asked him what the significance of 19 was, but he didn't have an answer for that---it's just important.

We also talked to a Buddhist man and another Buddhist woman.

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  1. Mr. Crockwell talked to a Lutheran man and Jehovah's Witnesses.