Saturday, February 28, 2009


February 27, 2009. Day Fifty-eight. Friday. Our son brought my wife and I to our favorite Sushi restaurant, which is in Benicia. After a Titanic, California roll, and crunchy crab, and some green tea ice cream, I gave a tract to the waitress.


  1. My wife and I have been working with a lady in the nursing home named Gloria on Thursday evenings. We've preached the gospel to her many times over the past 7 months. The past few times, she looked particularly convicted; so I asked her a few questions.
    She said that she wasn't a good person. She wanted to believe and give her life to the Lord. So she made a profession of faith right then! I'm excited to see what the Lord will do from here.

  2. The grace of God abounded towards Gloria. If she is saved, she will definitely grow spiritually.

    I talked to Shanti, an Asian man who has no church. He has been taking care of his wife, who has cancer. He needed to talk another time.