Friday, January 2, 2009

At Door: Come Back Later

January 2, 2009. Day Two. Friday. I get up in the morning thinking about this goal, so I'm praying about it and looking for opportunities all day. Nothing opened up today, because I was inside working. I had to get cleaned up to go somewhere. I picked up my NT, which sat on a small stack of tracts. I drove to a neighborhood in the town I live. I determined to do one of two things. I would keep going until I ran out of tracts or until I got to preach the entire gospel to one person. I talked to Stacy, Ramone, and Raquenell. Stacy and Raquenell said they were saved. I don't talk to many people who either say they're saved or even know the term "saved." Usually people aren't saved and/or they don't know that terminology. I would have pressed it further with both of them, but I was hoping to get to someone tonight with whom I could preach the gospel.

Ramone was a mid-twenties young black man. He said he didn't have a church. He said he had never attended a church. He said that he believed the Bible was true. I asked what he thought happened when someone died. He said they face God. I asked if I could show him from the Bible what it said about eternal life. He said, "Not right now, but he wanted information, if I had it." He agreed that people either went to heaven or hell. He was friendly. I gave him the information. I asked him if he knew that I wasn't a Jehovah's Witness. He said, "No." I told him I wasn't and then what was the difference. I gave him our church brochure and tract. I'll be coming back later sometime.

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  1. That's great. No conversion yet, but it sounds like a legitimate chance to reach out to him again in the future. Let's not forget about him. I just prayed for this man and for your efforts. You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work.