Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two Stores

January 8, 2009. Day Eight. Thursday. In two stores I went into, running errands, I passed out three tracts, talking to one man about salvation.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder why my students get put on the bench during break time. While waiting for class, I was outside when the third grade and the seventh through twelfth were out on lunch break. Four of my junior high students were on the bench.

    One of them I have been thinking about as regarding his profession of salvation. I asked him, "So why are you on the bench?"

    He said, "Because of you!" (I put his name on the board).

    I asked, "Why do you keep doing wrong?"

    He said, "Because I can't control myself."

    The conversation went on to show that he has not control because he is not saved. Sin has power over him. He said that he tried "that salvation thing" and it didn't work. I told him that he really didn't get saved, and that he didn't understand salvation. I told him to read a passage of Scripture on his own time. In his eyes, I saw a pliable heart willing to listen and searching for something. I told him that he can talk to me anytime.