Sunday, January 25, 2009

Orchestra Meeting

January 24, 2009. Day Twenty-Four. Saturday. I'm on the board of an orchestra. I coordinated part of our mid-season parent meeting. Afterward we had some time to mill around and talk to various ones. I talked to John and then Morgan about the Lord.


  1. Mr. Huppert, your son, and I went to some houses in El Sobrante. The people there were very hard-hearted. But we talked a little while with Mrs. Jone about salvation and works. By the end of our evangelism, I was about ready to shake the dust off my jacket with that area.

    I need your thoughts on something. I am pretty sure that after 20 years our church has approached about every door in the areas around the church building with the gospel or a gospel tract. I know that we are not done with the area, but I am having a hard time finding places we have not gone to, besides going to appartments.

    I am looking to expand our evangelism. I am sure that we have not gotten all of Richmond, so there we can go, even into El Cerrito. But also, since I live in Hercules, I live relatively close to Crockett. I would like to preach the gospel there, unless someone already has or presently doing it. It probably will be twice a month, with a couple of groups, because it is a very small town.

    What do you think about this? Or do you think we should expand at this point?

  2. We should go to Crockett, yes.

    We haven't done all of Richmond yet or El Cerrito.