Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parking Lot

January 7, 2009. Day Seven. Wednesday. Normally I drive the van for door-to-door, but I had a couple of appointments. However, I gave a tract to a Chinese mother and her two children as I briefly talked to her in a parking lot.


  1. I went evangelizing with two of my students. We talked to Jimmy, Claudia, Joetta, and Lizzet.

    Jimmy did not have much time, so we exchanged numbers. And hopefully I will talk to him again.

    Joetta said that we can come back.

    Lizzet is Catholic; she said we could come back another time.

    Claudia was the best contact. She has no church. She went to church services before but not now since she has moved. I talked to her for a little while about the true story of Nicodemus and Jesus in John 3, because she said that she believed she is saved because of who she is religiously. She is willing to listen and is willing for any of our church to come back and talk.

    So I have four contacts to go back to.