Saturday, January 24, 2009

Other Side of the Court

January 23, 2009. Day Twenty-three. Friday. I got a call from Jenisha today. She got the Bible and the study. She said she will do the study and come on Sunday. I gave her a call today to remind her. I called her today to remind her. You can pray for her. Last Sunday during preaching Michelle was obviously very convicted. She came forward at the invitation. Renee talked to her for an hour afterward and she made a profession of faith. This was someone that Marlowe and Becky had talked to door-to-door. She wants to be baptized. We'll baptize her tomorrow. Pearl's son has pancreatic cancer. David went to visit him Tuesday and he made a profession of faith. David followed up to talk to him about baptism. He wants to be baptized.

We live on a court with twelve other town houses. Right across the street are twelve others. I walked to the other side of the court to give a neighbor a tract.

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  1. On my break at work, I talked to Nate, the furniture manager. He has an Indian view of God, which he learned in the military.

    I also talked to my co-worker, Gab, who is a Jehovah's Witness. I showed him a few verses in my Bible. I told him that we could talk about what the Bible teaches any time he wants.