Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shell Station

January 6, 2009. Day Six. Tuesday. I talked to a man and gave him a tract while gassing up at the Shell station.

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  1. I went to the dentist to drop something off. When I parked, I looked to my right and saw two Jehovah's Witnesses at the corner of the grocery store.

    Coming from the dentist building, I took my Bible and approach the two guys with John 12:36-41. After reading the passage to them, I asked about "his glory, and spake of him" and to whom it was referring.

    The one took his translation and read the very same thing. For some reason, they began to go off on verse 40, not answering my question and saying that the one blinding people's eyes in verse 40 is Satan, not Jehovah. I still wanted an answer, so we went to Isaiah 6, and they gave me the same answer.

    The Filipino man began to recognize me. We had met about a year ago and had the same discussion. So he knew my intentions already. I told him that my intentions were to help them. He wanted me to leave.

    The conversation ended with them strongly pressing me to leave the premises. I ended it by warning them about what they were believing. I think the whole parking lot could hear our voices. It became pretty intense.