Thursday, January 1, 2009

Grocery Store: Tract

January 1, 2009. Day One. I went to bed at 4am and got up at 11am. I ate a bowl of frosted mini-wheats. Those have been a find, by the way. You find out usually late morning how important they've been to you. I spent some time on a project at home for a little while and then my family and I drove to a church member's house. I was there until 5:30pm. Let me tell you one of the many benefits of this goal of mine for the year.

You are thinking about evangelism. You think about opportunities. You pray about God opening a door. On my way home, I was praying for what I should do. I looked at the bright windows of people at home as I drove through my neighborhood. I pulled into the garage. We all got out. I walked into the kitchen with my wife. She mentioned that we needed milk. I put my coat back on and drove the one minute to Lucky's grocery store. I bought one gallon of milk and went through the self-check. I saw the young black lady, working alone at the self-check aisle. I handed her a gospel tract. I smiled and said, "Here's something for you to read when you have the time." She smiled, took the tract, and said, "Thank you, sir."

When I got home, my son was on the computer in the garage. He asked, "What happened?" I told him what I just told you. I said, "Why do you ask?" He said, "Julia told me." He smiled and then continued, "You're going to have some amazing stories this year." This is going to influence my family as well.

One tract. Let's see what tomorrow holds.


  1. I stayed at home all day on the First. This is a tradition with my family. Well, we had a station wagon that needed to be towed away, and one of my members decided the First was a good day to do it.

    As we were loading the car on his trailer, a car with tourists came by asking for directions to a scenic overlook. I gave them to them, and I handed them a gospel tract.

    Thanks for challenging us this way.