Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Across the Street

January 20, 2009. Day Twenty. Tuesday. I have talked to our Asian neighbors across the street a few times about the Lord. I gave them a tract today with an invitation for an evangelistic Bible study.


  1. My wife and I talked to Michelle again last night. We are planning on picking her up tonight for church.

    I hope and pray that all goes well.

  2. I talked to James, a church lady's son who is dying of cancer. In years past he didn't want salvation, and that was when he had only a few days to live. But having survived a couple of years later, now he wanted to turn to Christ for salvation. I told him from the Scriptures all that he needed to know. But I must give God the credit for showing mercy and grace to James, who saw his sinfulness and received Jesus Christ this day, Jan. 20th.

    He wants to be baptized. However, his health conditions are bad. So he will have to decide whether he wants to be baptized in our church building or to be baptized in his house. We will see.

    Pastor, if he were to be baptized in our building, then what would I need to know about James' conditions in order to see his baptism accomplished?

  3. Amen on Michelle!

    Amen on James!

    As long as he can move around and get in water, the same as bathing, then he can be baptized. Of course, he must want to be baptized.