Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pinole Shores

January 28, 2009. Day Twenty-Eight. Wednesday. I drove the van again for teen evangelism. We usually fill up a fifteen passenger van and others go out separately. We come back for supper afterwards, then Bible study and prayer. It's a nice night.

I was with Julia (my daughter), Kim, and Griselda. We went to 12 doors in Pinole at Pinole shores, our groups covering all of Windrose Circle. We talked to a few people. We talked to Thomas, who said he was saved, but believed he could lose his salvation. I talk to many people like this. I worked my way through several eternal security verses, ending with a warning really from Galatians 5:1-4. He said he might come to church sometime. I asked the girls if they thought he was saved. They didn't think so.

We talked to Noah and Tubela. I asked the latter if he was saved, knew he had eternal life. He wasn't sure. Noah said he was and that he was talking to the latter about salvation.

I found out that Jenisha had tried to come to church on Sunday but got lost and couldn't find it. She has been working on her Bible study with the Bible I gave her. She was going to come on Sunday, she said. A lady from our church and her daughter went to visit her tonight. She was happy to see them and agreed to get together with her. Michele, who we baptized on Sunday, was in church tonight, and she responded well to the preaching, prayer, and fellowship.

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  1. I talked to Julieta, a Catholic lady, about her family traditions. She was stuck on them.