Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don the Limo Man

January 9, 2009. Day Nine. Friday. This was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and I knew early in the day, as we prepared for a big surprise for them, I would be able to talk to the limo driver (and owner). I talked a little to Don, when I gave him the tract. When the proceedings were over, we walked outside and one of the neighbors next to the church grounds got our attention on the other side of the fence. Behind one of our buildings, someone had ditched a large portion of someone's belongings in the night. They called the sheriff and so I talked to our neighbors, Carlos and Grace, and the sheriff's deputy, and gave them all tracts. The sheriff bagged the belongings, I'm sure prepared to return them to the owner and to be a help in apprehending some thief.


  1. "Great Expeditions." "Era of Good Feelings." Adventures! When I was in college last year, I usually took with me one of freshman guys on the Soulwinning Van. I always joked with them that they should write a journal about their adventures with me, because we never failed to have interesting and sometimes long conversations with people at their doors and on the streets.

    I took my mom to the hospital for her appointment.

    I was out in the main lobby, sitting down. As I was humming a song, the man sitting next to me said that it was a beautiful song. His name is Herman. He goes to Acts Full Gospel. He talked about his "conversion" of being baptized by the Holy Ghost and being water baptized, and told of how he regularly hears and feels the Holy Spirit vibrating through his body. He said that he could feel the Holy Spirit coming from me. (The whole time I was saying, "Oh,--okay.") So I told him my salvation testimony, Paul's conversion, the story of Peter and Jesus, and the story of the Philippian jailor. Then I proceeded to ask him if his "salvation testimony" matched with what the Bible teaches. I asked him other questions about what salvation really is and eternal security, with which he disagrees. That conversation was about 45 minutes.

    As I sat in the lobby longer, I talked to Ronny, a Catholic man who is not sure about salvation. I preached the gospel to him for about 30 minutes. He asked about our church and how we are different from Evangelicals today, so I told him how we practice God's worship.

    I went to the waiting area where my mom had her appointment. There I sat reading my Bible, and a lady approached me about my Bible. Her name is Kathleen. She goes to the Church of Vallejo. Her testimony was very similar to Herman's, so I think she might be Pentacostal. I talked to her for a little while about the importance of right doctrine, because it seemed that she believed that it didn't matter what anyone believes. I brought her to two passages that would reveal to her that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone, helping her understand that she was believing a false gospel.

    Not much time afterwards, I saw one of my co-workers at the hospital. She asked about what I was reading in the Bible. So I showed her the latter half of II Peter 1 and explained that what I believe is not fiction, but absolute truth proved by God with prophecy. We have certainty about the things which we believe.

    I wonder if that limo driver had a rough time turning in our parking lot.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents and keep up the great work!

  3. Adventures in Evangelism. I think so, David.

    Thanks Nicholas. They were great parents.